Early Childhood West Classroom News

The Early Childhood West teachers are Sarah Current and Brenda Rider. 

The education aide is Amy Nalepka.

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January 11, 2019

Happy 2019!

After reviewing our classroom rights and responsibilities, Early Childhood has had many new works! Both classrooms added pouring water to the snack table using glass cups and a glass pitcher. The classrooms also switched Sensorial units so the East classroom is now using their sense of smell to match and find scents while the West classroom is using auditory skills to match different sounds. In Art, both classrooms created some winter art by cutting snowflakes from coffee filters and taping them to the windows as well as cutting and gluing a positive/negative space snowman.  

The West classroom continued exploring winter art by painting a snowflake at the easel and tracing a snowflake. They also introduced color box 3 on the Sensorial shelf where students can match light, medium, and dark shades of colors. In Practical Life we added a mittens basket and snow pants to practice self-care of preparing for outdoor winter weather. The image captor was also added to our peace corner.

The East classroom added yoga cards to their movement shelf for some relaxation and meditation through different yoga poses. They continued to work with water by using a baster. More puzzle maps were added to the map stand as well.

Both classrooms are learning about different science units. East is learning about seasons and weather and West is discovering dinosaurs!


December 21, 2018

The study of Christmas and the Nativity was a focus in early childhood this week.   We began with new practical life work, decorating a mini-Christmas tree.  Students could use garland, tiny ornaments, a small skirt, and a beautiful star to decorate a tree the way they chose.  Our classrooms also had practical life work of decorating a gingerbread man!  Spreading icing, using colored sprinkles, and enjoying the cookie in the classroom made this a very festive work.  A sincere thank you to the Nicholson family for the generous donation of gingerbread cookie dough.

We continued working through the week exploring art such as jingle bell painting and creating paper chains.  The sensorial Christmas tree was introduced as well.  This work creatively utilizes the classic Montessori materials the red rods and the knobless cylinders as the children arrange a colorful tree.  Our week concluded with a candy cane experiment and a fun winter party in each classroom.

Have a wonderful, safe winter break. See you all in 2019!


December 14, 2018

Early Childhood began the week learning about the traditions of Kwanzaa. We read books, weaved a mat, and made a Kinara. Both classrooms were introduced to new science units this week as well. The West Classroom learned about seasons, weather, and the Calendar. The East classroom discovered different kinds of dinosaurs!

The East classroom continued learning about self-care as they added scrubbing fingernails to the hand washing process. In movement, they practiced their sense of balance by using the balance beam and the geometric cabinet was shown in Sensorial to learn more two-dimensional shapes.

The West classroom started learning about the Holiday of Christmas. They decorated a small Christmas tree, learned and set up the nativity scene, did marble rolling Christmas artwork, and had a special demonstration on the "sensorial Christmas tree." This work uses five sensorial works to make a Christmas tree.

The children practiced for their music program this week as well and were excited to perform for our families on Friday! Thank you for coming and being an audience!

Next week we have our Winter Party on Friday, December 21st. Thank you to the families who signed up to bring a special treat and festive napkins!


December 7, 2018

Early childhood explored the traditions and customs of Hanukkah this week.  We introduced the dreidel game we could play with a friend, and also the menorah puzzle.   Students painted a Star of David at the easel and also worked in practical life by putting candles into a menorah.  We read several books about Hanukkah and learned a lot about this celebration.

East students worked with new practical life work, putting on gloves and snow pants.  This work is excellent for building independence and concentration.  In peace, students explored the pin impression work.  The large hexagon box was introduced on the sensorial shelf. 

The West class had lessons on dusting a shelf in practical life.  On the movement shelf, sensory circles were demonstrated.  Various textures enhance children's sense of touch as they move on the movement rug with this unique work.

Both classrooms have been enjoying a new writer's workshop with the kindergarten students.  This special time is devoted to cultivating the foundations of what makes a successful writer.  It also allows students to build upon their writing skills and confidence weekly. 


November 30, 2018

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving break. We hope everyone had an enjoyable time with family and friends!  Early Childhood started this week with sponge squeezing in Practical Life. We also introduced new science units.  The West classroom learned about oceans and ocean animals while the East classroom explored different modes of transportation. Both classrooms also demonstrated new Sensorial units as well.  The West classroom used their sense of smell to match different scents together or to pictures.  The East classroom used their auditory skills to match different sounds or discover if items made a sound versus no sound. 

The West Classroom also added the geometric cabinet to their Sensorial area. This work has many drawers of different geometric shapes to discover. The sets basket was also introduced on the math shelf.  This is a 1-10 number work to sort and find sets. 

The East Classroom added color box 2 to their Sensorial work and opened their bead cabinet in math.  The bead cabinet is a beautiful, colorful work to use squaring and cubing chains of each numeral 1-10.  The students made transportation tracks in art and further enhanced their fine motor skills through writing numerals. 

Remember as the weather gets colder to bring in snow pants, gloves, boots, etc.  Check our weather policy for more information about outdoor play in the colder months.


November 16, 2018

Preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday feast has been a focus this week in early childhood. We began with learning how to set a table and create a place setting, and continued with creating beautiful cornucopia and turkey feather centerpieces. In art, students created turkey and cornucopia projects. In practical life, grape plucking lessons were given and this begins our food preparation curriculum! Thank you to all of the families who generously donated grapes for our classrooms. Also, in preparation for our upcoming feast, students each brought in two apples and we made applesauce! Students peeled and mashed the apples to use in the food mill to create homemade sauce. We are excited to continue preparing for our community lunch next Tuesday!

**Please remember to bring in feast donations by Monday, November 19th.


November 9, 2018

Happy November! Early Childhood worked on many new lessons this week! New Science units were introduced. The West classroom learned about different kinds of transportation and how we travel by land, air and water. The East Classroom explored the wonders of oceans and ocean life. In Practical Life, students polished gourds, twisted nuts and bolts, rolled socks, folded washcloths, sorted silverware, rolled napkins, and practiced cutting pretend fruits and vegetables.

Both classrooms used the corn cobs from shucking corn to paint corn prints on paper. In Sensorial, East brought out striking the bell to open up the beautiful bell table and West showed using the damper to stop the sound after striking the bell. West added the binomial cube to their shelf as well.

In Peace and Movement, East showed the singing bowl and using the peace rug. They also used their muscles to stretch an arm band! The West classroom listened to the sound of a wooden rainstick.

The kindergarteners started writer's workshop this week in the afternoons. This creative writing curriculum will focus on learning how to be writers through a variety of activities. They will engage in these lessons once a week! They were very excited to start this journey!

Thank you to all the families who came out on curriculum night. We know the children were very eager and excited to share their favorite works with you!


November 2, 2018

Thank you all for your time and dedication to parent/teacher conferences! We appreciate having time with each family to share your child's progress with you. This week in early childhood we began our pumpkin works including drawing faces on pumpkins and pounding golf tees into a large pumpkin. The children enjoyed a classroom Harvest Party as well! Teachers carved a pumpkin with help from the students. We voted on the shape of the eyes, nose, and mouth and helped scoop out the pumpkin seeds. Be sure to take a look at our carved pumpkins!

In the East classroom, students painted a spiderweb by rolling a marble in paint. We introduced using a stapler on the art shelf, which is very helpful for independence in the classroom. Sock rolling and creating pumpkin faces on the art shelf were new works as well. In West, students explored a sensorial object bowl with spooky objects to sift. Also the sit and spin was introduced on the movement shelf. Both classrooms enjoyed a new practical life work this week, shucking corn off of the cob.


October 26, 2018

Our Classrooms is being filled with beautiful pumpkin artwork! The West classroom painted pumpkins at the easel, blended chalk pumpkins and created a marble painting spider web. The children also continued developing their sense of order through tray sweeping in practical life. The East classroom blended chalk pumpkins as well and these can be found hanging in the hallway! New sensorial units were introduced in both classrooms this week. West discovered a tactile work of rough and smooth while East discriminated between big and little. East also had a lesson on the binomial cube and walking on a line with a bell for an extended movement activity. 

This week the Kindergartners attended a fire safety and prevention program. Ask them what they learned! If you are interested in helping for our pumpkin work or harvest party, please see the sign-up sheets posted in the hallway! We appreciate all the donations and support!
Thank you for taking the time to attend parent teacher conferences this week. It is important to discuss each child's progress and work toward the best education we can provide together. We always appreciate the flexibility during this time.


October 19, 2018

We celebrated the fall season this week in early childhood, beginning with our kindergarten field trip to the Pumpkin Peddler! Students enjoyed a hay ride through pumpkin-filled fields to a vast array of a perfectly sized crop for them to choose from. After choosing their pumpkin, donuts and cider were enjoyed in the wood stove warmth of a new barn. Next, we enjoyed a maze made of straw bales and games of pumpkin tic-tac-toe and checkers. Thank you to all of our drivers who helped us enjoy this experience!

While the older students enjoyed their first field trip, younger students were surprised with a pumpkin hunt! Small pumpkins were hidden on our side lawn for the children to find and claim as their own. They also enjoyed cider and a treat, all courtesy of the Gleaners. We thank them for their generosity and kindness.

In the classroom we began exploring special math units, the greedy duck (greater than/less than) and fractions. Tray sweeping, washcloth folding, and pre-writing boards were also added to our shelves.

We look forward to seeing parents at conferences next week!


October 12, 2018

We hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend while we had our staff training day this Monday! This week in Early Childhood, new sensorial units were introduced. The West classroom explored and differentiated between big and little for size discrimination while the East Classroom used their tactile senses to feel the difference between rough and smooth textures. In Practical Life, both classrooms introduced pounding work as children used a hammer to pound golf tees into clay. The East classroom also painted an apple at the Easel and had the numerical rods 1-10 on the math shelf. Pin-punching was also shown on the writing shelf where children concentrated on strengthening their pincer grasp to pin and punch out different shapes. The West classroom also demonstrated the first bell of the bell table, learned about the finger harp in the peace corner, and did a new movement activity involving balancing on the balance board. Our cubing chains were added to the bead cabinet and writing on a mirror was shown from the writing shelf.

Please remember that all conference forms need to be turned in by Monday, October 15. Thank you!


October 5, 2018

Science and Cultural units continued in early childhood this week.  The East classroom explored apples-sorting, taste testing, and labeling the parts of an apple.  West explored leaves and trees through works such as matching and nomenclature 3 part cards.  Both classrooms introduced new practical life works of stringing and mirror polishing as well.  On the art shelf, art projects such as apple prints and tree rubbings were choices.
In the East classroom, students began using the medicine ball on the movement shelf.  In art, students could choose to use paint droppers on fall shapes.  In West, students explored the sensorial works including the blue constructive triangles and the triangle box.  In writing students began pin punching work.
**Please return your conference forms as soon as possible.  Thank you!

September 28, 2018

We are enjoying the colder weather this week as we welcome the Season of Fall! The Early Childhood students have explored new Practical Life works including floor sweeping, table scrubbing, and using a tape dispenser. In Art, the West classroom cut paper strips and learned about Claude Monet with a special chalk project while the East classroom did a tissue paper tree collage. New science units were implemented. West learned about different kinds of apples, made apple prints, and test tasted different apples as well. East students went deeper into the season of Autumn and learned about leaves and trees. They explored different parts of a leaf and tree. In Sensorial, both classrooms continued to explore color work. The monomial cube was added to the West shelf and the blue constructive triangles was added to the East shelf. Our beautiful metal insets were demonstrated this week as well. This can be found on the writing shelf and focuses on fine motor control through tracing shapes. The East classroom also focused on name tracing and added the peace labyrinth to the peace corner. Rolling the medicine ball was found on the West Classroom's movement shelf, a popular two person activity!
Thank you to the families that donated apples for our apple science unit and for all those who attended the Journey through our Montessori classrooms on Thursday! 


September 21, 2018


Our week in Early Childhood began with a new experience, the sharing bag.  This work is for one friend in our classroom at a time, bringing in something from home each day for a week.  It is always such an interesting way for children to share more about themselves  while the class is together on the line.  The child whose week it is to share chooses three friends to ask questions about the item.  This is a time to learn about being an audience, speaking to a group, and grace and courtesy.  Also in our rooms, new sensorial color work was added. Children could explore primary and secondary colors within a variety of work on the shelves.  

In the peace corner, we've added a new weighted lap mat for the children to use as a calming tool.  In art, cutting clay was added in the East class as well as floor sweeping in practical life.
In West, students explored the squaring chains in the math area.  These beautiful chains allow children to work on one to one correspondence, skip counting, and eventually lead into multiplication.  Also in West, table scrubbing work was added to the practical life shelf.

September 14, 2018

The early childhood students collected peace sticks this week along the beautiful Slippery Elm trail.  Each child chose a stick from the trail and it became their personal peace stick, representing each individual in the classroom.  Next, we will paint our sticks and bind them together. They'll rest in our peace corner as a representation of our strong peaceful community.

We also began our first science and culture units for the year.  In the East class, we explored land, air, and water.  In West, students learned about living and non-living.  In movement, children could choose to hop from spot to spot.  Both classes explored new dressing frames, learning how to snap, velcro, and tie.  In sensorial, color box 1 was introduced.  In practical life, students learned to change a toilet paper roll as well as clipping clothespins.
The early childhood students had their first in-school presentation, the High-5 Hand washing program from the Wood County Hospital.  This hands-on, interactive speaker helped us learn the safe way to wash our hands and keep each ourselves healthy.

September 7, 2018

We hope everyone enjoyed the long Holiday weekend over Labor day! This week even more areas in the classroom opened with many new works! 

In Practical Life, baskets filled with zipping, twisting, snapping, and open/close were available to help with fine motor control and self-care. Tonging was also added to the shelf to transfer material using tongs! The map stand was introduced with our first map; the hemisphere. We also demonstrated our sand affirmations which will change to a different color every month. This month is purple and represents being unique and individual. Children make an affirmation about what they like about themselves and scoop the sand into a jar. In Art, making a collage using the torn paper from last week was also available. 
The East classroom also presented their friendship tree which focuses on acts of kindness. They added the tying and velcro dressing frames to the classroom, brown prisms, and learned about the grace and courtesy of using a quiet voice.
The West classroom showed their writing area with name tracing and the tracing box. They focused on the grace and courtesy of the polite way to sneeze/cough, and the polite way to interrupt. 
The Kindergartners were introduced to their notebooks this week, a wonderful tool to further their math, language, and writing work. Handwriting lessons were also given to the students starting this week and will continue weekly. 

August 31, 2018

The first full week of school has been very successful for the children!  We are so happy to have each and every one of you as a part of our school community.  Thank you for all you've done to support your children's adjustment to the new school year.

We continue to slowly introduce the children to work in the environment.  We've opened math shelves and introduced cards and counters, self-correcting 1-10 work, and the beloved 100 board.  In sensorial, the knobbed and knobbless cylinders are now available as a work choice. Also in sensorial, the pink tower was introduced. This is a fundamental work across Montessori and exposes the children to order, size, dimention, and the base ten system.  It is a beautiful, engaging lesson for the beginning of the school year. 
Grace and courtesy lessons continued all week and included the polite way to interrupt, walking in the classroom, using a quiet voice, and walking behind friends on the line.
Additionally, we introduced the peace rose as a conflict resolution tool.  The children also experienced our first movement activity, walking on a line.  In art, tearing paper was our first work introduced on the shelf. 
**Please send in sunscreen and bug spray**
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

August 24, 2018

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We loved getting to know your children this week and welcoming families back to MSBG! We want to thank you again for being flexible during our orientation week, we appreciate the time and effort it took on your part.

Orientation week brings an introduction to our classroom environment and the most basic Montessori lessons. Areas are slowly introduced and shelves slowly start to open with more work everyday for successful transitions, acclamation, and learning. 
The children learned about their arrival stones, a work that expresses our classroom community, attendance, and name recognition. They were also introduced to the bathrooms and practiced hand-washing. 
Many Practical life works were shown this week. How to unroll and roll a rug, safely use a table and chair, how to carry a bowl, basket, or tray and how to do puzzles and pegs. The children were also shown how to grasp, pour, and spoon material from one container to another. This helps build their independence, concentration, sense of order and coordination, Play-doh and using the art easel were our first two art works this week as well.
Children were also introduced to our classroom pets, outdoor playground, snack area, lunch, and nap! We are looking forward to having everyone together next week and establishing our community together. 
Reminders: Please remember to sign your child in and out daily and make sure there is an extra change of clothes in their box located above their cubby. 


June 1, 2018

This was a very unique week in Early Childhood, full of exciting
experiences!  It began with students bringing in their favorite books
to enjoy during work time.  Next came game day where students brought
board games to share with friends.  On Thursday, Early Childhood
students prepared a community snack:  mini pizzas!  Preparing their
individual pizzas with cheese and a variety of toppings provided
students with a real-life cooking experience.  We all enjoyed this
food preparation and then ate as a community on the line.
Additionally, students continued lessons on closing our classroom
community.  We polished wooden materials, scrubbed chairs, and the
important task of scrubbing their cubbies.

Also this week, students worked to create snow cones in the classroom!
 Thanks to wonderful parent donations, children could choose between
three flavors of syrup to pour onto their cones. Finally our water day
ended the special week!

Thank you to all of our parents for your help with the special
activities this week!

**Last day for students Tuesday, June 5
**Kindergarten student breakfast June 6th9-10am

May 25, 2018


As the end of the school year is approaching, the students are taking ownership in starting to close our classroom community and environment. Both classrooms began cleaning the shelves in the classroom, scrubbing our chairs, and polishing our wooden sensorial materials. 

We also take time to reflect as a community on our friendships and works we have done. We asked the children what some of their favorite practical life works have been and are bringing them back out one last time! As the work starts to get cleaned and put away and the shelves slowly start to turn around, manipulative work is brought out to enjoy with a friend. This also reflects the beginning of the school year when work slowly comes out and shelves slowly turn around to open, showing the full cycle of our Montessori classroom. 

The West classroom added a fun "Going on a Picnic" work for two friends to enjoy together. We learned about the artists Michelangelo and how he painted the Sistine Chapel. The children were then able to tape paper on the underside of a table and lay on their back to create their own masterpieces. It was our turn to fill the hallways with the sweet smell of cinnamon bread this week as each child was able to bake a loaf of bread. We hope they shared with their families!

The East Classroom grated soap and used whisks to make bubbles. Then they were able to make bubble prints! Miss Brenda also created a bubble mixture for the students to use outside on the playground! The East classroom students worked on a special book for Miss Cindy to take with her and remember all of them as she retires. They presented this special creation this week and shared in many smiles, joy, and happiness. Miss Cindy will treasure it forever. 

The Kindergartners went on their field trip to Wintergarden Park where they idenetified bugs, plants, birds, hiked, caught tadpoles and explored the great outdoors! Thank you to all of our parent drivers! Fun was had by all!

Next week is our Special Schedule for Early Childhood, everyone received a paper copy of the schedule, we start Tuesday with book day! 

May 18, 2018

Early childhood began making bread this week!  This special project allows for autonomy, creativity, and critical thinking.  Additionally, students apply all of the skills they've learned throughout the year in practical life.  Measuring skills were also put to the test!  Each loaf was handmade and full of cinnamon sugar goodness.  We hope you enjoyed the loaves from the East classroom!  Students in the West classroom will begin this process next week.

Also in the East class, students explored a zen garden in peace education.  In practical life, putting clothing onto hangers was a new lesson.  We also added the sensorial cross tower which is the dimensional shapes between the pink cubes and the brown prisms.  In movement, children explored building and walking across a balance beam.

Students in West explored grating soap, whisking it with water, to create bubbles!   A day after this work, we began blowing colored bubbles and then pressed paper on top to create bubble print artwork!  Also this week, students explored the trampoline as a movement work.

Thank you to our families who attended the music performance!  The children were so excited to sing for you.  We appreciate your support!



May 11, 2018

We started our week in Early Childhood by watching a the Princess and the Pea performance by the children's opera. We all enjoyed the singing, acting, and story! We then learned how to grind coffee beans and funnel them into a bag to offer to our families or give to our teachers at our school. New science units were introduced this week as well. East studied simple machines and West explored the different types of insects. 
In the West classroom, we introduced another self-care work about the steps to wash a baby doll. This will help the children remember when they need to wash themselves! In Sensorial, fabric matching was added to the shelf and we learned about people around the world with an activity in the peace corner. 
In the East classroom, a favorite movement activity was introduced; jumping on a trampoline! In sensorial, the students used their senses to feel different temperatures with the thermic bottles and tablets. They also added sewing to the practical life shelf. 
Remember on Monday, May 14 to pack a non-microwavable lunch for our picnic outdoors after the service project. 

May 4, 2018

Our practical life skills were extended this week in a culminating activity, making bean burritos!  Students used ladling, tonging, and fine motor skills with this enticing food preparation work.  We also taste tested chips with salsa and guacamole this week.  

In science, students in the East classroom studied insects using books, puzzles, games, and nomenclature work.  On the art shelf, creating fingerprint insects and eye-dropper painting butterflies were work choices.  Also in the East class, Miss Cindy shared the touching story of The Black Elk.

Students in the West classroom studied and explored simple machines in science.  The level, wheel and axle, and pulley were just a few of the hands-on work available.  In art, students created cheerio bird feeders.  We will hang them on our playground to feed the birds!  On the practical life shelf, sewing work was demonstrated.

***Our music program will be Friday, May 18th at 9am!

April 27, 2018

A lot of excitement happened in Early Childhood this week! The baby chicks in the West classroom hatched! Families and students from all classrooms came down to observe! Children saw all 10 eggs hatch and learned about the life cycle of a chick. On Thursdayafter school our chicks moved onto their new home with the Blakeman family who will continue raising them. 
The East classroom made cheerio bird feeders to help take care of the birds! In Practical Life, using a ladle was added as well as polishing shoes! Color box 5 was also demonstrated in Sensorial. Children continued using water to discover objects that would sink or float and used measurement for liquids. 
Both classrooms explored a new science unit. West looked at the wonders of the ocean and East learned about the different kinds of landforms!
The West classroom had a special presentation by Miss Cindy called "The Black Elk." Children learned about traveling on the road of troubles and the road of peace. In Practical Life, using a funnel was added to the shelf along with swaddling a baby doll. In Sensorial, the geometric cards were added and the rectangle box, thermic bottles, and thermic tablets were shown. In math, our class learned about the estimation jar, a way to estimate or make a guess using numbers. Geo-boards were also demonstrated, a fun work to make shapes and patterns. The kindergartners had the next lesson using adjectives with our grammar farm. 

April 20, 2018

Planting grass in the classroom was an exciting activity this week in Early Childhood!  The children each planted seeds and then learned how to water them.  We will watch them grow over the next few weeks.  In practical life, our new food preparation was cucumber slicing.  On the art shelf, students explored Earth Day art!

East classroom students explored a new math unit, measurement.  Exploration of drawing was introduced using the tabletop easel.  Washing a baby doll was another lesson given this week, as well as grading color shades using color box 3.  Our science experiment this week was sink or float.

In West, students explored color box five on the sensorial shelf.  In math, the new unit was addition.  This unit involves addition as well as learning place value as the vocabulary of "addend" and "sum".
In art, watercolor painting was demonstrated and Miss Cindy from the East classroom shared the peaceful story of "The Black Elk."

***We hope to see you all at the Earth Day Celebration Sunday, April 22nd here at MSBG!

April 13, 2018

What a special week it was having all our special guests and grandparents join our classrooms! Thank you for taking the time to come and visit! 

East and West introduced new geography units and science units this week! East explored the ocean and human body while West discovered different types of land forms and learned about seasons and weather. 
The East classroom also added locks and keys and transferring water using a dropper to Practical Life. Yoga cards can be found on the movement shelf, a fun way to use the whole body for balance and strength. Students also balanced an eagle on their finger for a peaceful activity. 
The West classroom used droppers to make a painted butterfly art project! They continued using their metal insets by adding the insets to the frames to trace. Another peace activity was added to the peace corner, the singing bowl. Ask about the sound they heard!
Both classrooms had the opportunity to watch an all school music performance by Bernard Woma. This African music and drum had us all up and dancing! 

April 6, 2018


We hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  We began our week back with egg slicing.  Thank you to Miss Bev for donating and hard-boiling the eggs for this practical life activity.  The students were given lessons on how to tong, crack open, peel, then slice and enjoy their hard-boiled egg. The students also learned how to pour using a funnel as well as the skill of using a strainer. On the art shelf, students created colorful tulip paintings using forks.

The East classroom explored water color painting in art.  Special water color paper created the most beautiful, vibrant colors from the paint.  Thank you to Miss Sara, the art teacher, for sharing this with us!  This week we also explored the sensorial pressure cylinders and color box three.  Finally, we learned how to swaddle a baby doll.

In the West class, the table top easel was added to the environment.  This work involves fine motor and artistic experiences, as well as listening activities.  In sensorial, the baric work was added and in practical life, polishing eyeglasses is available for the children to choose.

The West classroom is beginning an exciting observation experience, incubating baby chicks!  Thank you to the Nilsson family for donating twelve eggs to the classroom, as well as a special incubator.  The children from both classrooms will be observing the life cycle of the chicks for the next month.

**Grandparents week is April 9-12.  Sign up in the foyer!
**Teacher work day Friday April 13th

March 30, 2018

Signs of Spring and Easter can be found in the Early Childhood Classrooms this week! Both classrooms used plastic eggs to make egg prints, dyed eggs, and went on a fun egg hunt! The East classroom also polished a ceramic bunny. Both classrooms also explored new science units. West is learning about the human body including parts of the body, the skeleton bones, muscles, skin, and what our bodies do for us. East learned about seasons and weather and what changes happen during each one! 

The West classroom added two more dressing frames to practical life: tying and the toggle button. Children also transferred water using small basters and droppers. In Sensorial, the trinomial cube was added. 
The East classroom worked together to make a community trail mix, what a fun way to make a special treat! Thank you for bringing in the items to make this happen!
We continued celebrating Music in our schools month. Miss Jenica has been introducing the children to all different kinds of instruments and families. The older children performed ensembles for us this week as well. Thank you for wearing your stripes this week for our music spirit day!


March 23, 2018

Our week began with new practical life, spreading jam onto a cracker!  This culminating food preparation activity used the skills learned so far in practical life such as tonging, spooning, grace and courtesy, and dish washing.  In the East class, lessons included eyeglass polishing and using the balance beam.  Also, students could create spring flower pictures.  Our math unit this week was addition and varying levels of work was available.

In the West class, the new math unit was measurement. We explored measuring in feet, inches, and cubes.  Activities included measuring a friend with "feet".  Celebrating spring was also a part of our work this week.  We made dirt pudding and used even more practical life skills to whip up pudding, crush oreos, and spoon it all into a delicious treat.

The kindergarten students in early childhood had a special language lesson-The Farm.  This work introduces the noun in a fun and engaging way with beautiful materials and labeled words.  Ask your kindergartner what they've learned so far about nouns!

March 16, 2018

Welcome back from Spring Break! We hope everyone had a restful break. The children were eager to share where they went or activities they did! With St. Patrick's Day approaching, both classrooms did a lot of shamrock work. This included painting a shamrock at the easel, painting shamrock prints using peppers, doing a shamrock chalk blend, and cutting a shamrock. Both classrooms learned about a different continent as well. East is exploring Europe and West is discovering Asia. 

West has added locks and keys and pins and transferring pins into salt shakers to their Practical Life shelf. The children also made colorful hand sun catchers using tissue paper. Check out our windows!
East added putting a flashlight together to their Practical Life shelf and matched bells at the bell table to find the notes and pitches that sounded the same. The kindergartners had a lesson on the farm, an environment to learn about nouns!
Our school Gala is coming up soon and both classrooms are working on a special auction item! We hope to see you there!


March 2, 2018


Happy Montessori Education Week! We had so much fun kicking this week off in spirit of Maria Montessori and her philosophy! Thank you for your participation in our activity-filled week! The Early Childhood classrooms also made peaceful people sticks to represent themselves in our community and put in our peace corner. Our classroom wordle's can be found hanging up outside our doors. It displays the words the children thought of when thinking about our school and community. 
The West Classroom also did bell matching, listening to the different sounds to match the notes. They learned about the mystery number that will change every week to a new mystery. We ended the week by having fun finger painting!
Both classrooms studied new science units. West explored different modes of transportation and East looked closely at animals and their tracks. 
The East classroom also continued their polishing skills by polishing metal. They introduced watering plants and a special crayon art. 
Next week is our Spring Break, safe travels for those who are traveling and we will see you back on March 12!

February 23, 2018

East and West early childhood students prepared bananas to enjoy this week in practical life!  Students used a banana slicer to prepare and serve themselves this delicious snack.  Thank you to the families who so generously donated bananas!  Also in practical life, the East students explored grooming while the West were given lessons on nuts and bolts.

In math, students in East explored the memory game using objects and numbers.  This exciting game engages memory, number recognition, and one to one correspondence all with social experiences.  Sensorial lessons on the trinomial cube were given and in writing students were shown how to use the inset portion of the metal insets.

The light table was added to the West classroom and students explored color, light, and dimension using transparent objects.  On the movement shelf, the sit and tilt saucer work was added.  The small hexagon box was demonstrated in sensorial as well.

Next week is Montessori Education Week!  Please check the handout for fun activities each day!


February 16, 2018

We are spreading the love this week with a lot of Valentine themed works! Early Childhood students painted hearts at the easel, colored and delivered a valentine to a friend, laced hearts, and made a thumbprint tree. We discussed how Valentines day is about showing those special people in our lives how much we care and appreciate them. We all shared a special treat together to celebrate too! 


Both classrooms introduced new science units. The West classroom learned about animals and their tracks and the East classroom learned about different kinds of transportation. 


In honor of Chinese New Year beginning this week, we had a special presentation from Luna and Lillian's Mother. Children got to learn about the Chinese calendar, cards, felt the clothes they wear, and ate fortune cookies! Then together the Early Childhood students went on a parade around the school in pairs with the dragon masks and lanterns that they worked on. It was so exciting to share in this cultural experience! 


Thank you for taking the time to meet with us during your child's conference this week! 


February 9, 2018


Happy 100 days of school!  What an exciting week in Early Childhood.  We began our week by bringing in 100 items from our homes.  Children chose to bring in various objects such as noodles, legos, cereal, beans, or even created art projects.  So many different ways to represent 100!  As students brought their items we enjoyed counting as high as we could, and even grouping by 10.

Additionally, we continued our geography units in Asia and Europe.  In the East class, students experienced a Chinese noodle recipe as a food preparation.  A special thank you to Lillian and Luna Tam's family for donating the noodles!  Also this week, students in East created Chinese lanterns and painted a heart at the easel.  The light table is now available as a choice in the classroom as well as the geometric cabinet.  Transportation is the new unit on our science shelf.

While studying Europe, students in the West class could choose to spread honey or jelly onto biscuits. This food preparation work allows for independence, coordination, confidence, and refinement of fine motor skills.  Students also created dragon masks and tails in celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year.  In art, painting a heart at the easel was demonstrated and students could also choose metal polishing from practical life.  The kindergartners were given lessons on odd and even numbers as well.  

February 2, 2018

We can't believe its already February! This week was filled with a lot of new activities! West students did a snowflake experiment to form a crystallized snowflake. They also added the "Memory Game" to math, keeping numbers in your memory to retrieve the counters. In Practical Life, West added a care of oneself work about brushing and grooming hair. East focused on twisting nuts and bolts. The balance board was introduced in West to the movement shelf to engage all of our bodies muscles and core!  

Both classrooms explored new Sensorial, Math, and Culutral units. West used their sense of hearing to identify sound and no sound while East used their sense of smell to match different scents together. They extended this unit by graphing their favorite smells. For Math, the West classroom learned about time. They discussed analog clocks and digital clocks an dhow to read time on the hour and half hour. The East classroom worked with money and identified the coins and how much they are worth. Please remember to bring in your 10 pennies for a special extension to this unit! For our new culture units, East is learning about Asia and West is learning about Europe. 
The kindergartners each had the opportunity to go and visit one of the Lower Elementary classrooms this week. A paper went home on what they discovered and worked on during their experience. 
Reminder that Monday, February 5th we are celebrating our 100th day of school! Please remember your 100 items!  

January 26, 2018

Our work of food preparation continued this week with another activity, pulling string cheese.  The children learned to serve themselves, open the plastic wrap, pull each strand, and enjoy!  Food preparation is a real-world work in our early childhood classrooms.  Also in practical life this week, students learned the skills of water transfer using a sponge or a baster.  The East classroom added the peace rug to our peace corner and the hexagon box to the sensorial shelf.  In movement, students were given lessons on using the orange stepper.  This movement work provides students with a safe space to exercise their bodies.  In West, students learned to polish wood in practical life.  In the math area, students received lessons on the cubing chains.  In movement, walking on the line with a bell was introduced.  Additionally, in art, raised salt paintings were created.

Also this week, early childhood students enjoyed a hand washing presentation from the Wood County Hospital.  We learned how important hand washing is to keep us healthy and safe.  A big thank you to the Wellness Department for this engaging lesson!  Also, the kindergarten students enjoyed an in-house field trip from the Toledo Zoo!  What a unique experience for our students.


January 19, 2018

We started the week talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and how he was a peacemaker. Both classrooms introduced new  math and Sensorial units this week. West used their sense of smell to match different scents together or to pictures. East students practiced using their sense of hearing to explore sound and no sound. They also introduced the cube of the trinomial. For math, West talked about money and identified a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar and how much each coin is worth. They also explored ways to make a dollar. Thank you for sending in your ten pennies, we will be doing a special activity soon so if you haven't brought them to school yet, please remember as soon as possible! East's new math unit was on time. Students learned about digital clocks and analog clocks and how to read time on the hour and half hour. 

In Practical Life, both classrooms added lacing cards to the shelf. East learned how to polish wood and west practiced putting on snow pants. In Art, children were able to paint a snowflake at the Easel and trace a snowflake. West also added the image captor to their peace corner and yoga cards to their movement shelf. 

Thank you for the donations of string cheese for our next food preparation work! we appreciate it!

January 12, 2018

On the art shelf this week, early childhood students explored painting with "snow paint".  This shaving cream and glue mixture created puffed paint to use for winter scenes.  Also in art this week we painted snowflakes at the easel.  The children learned how to pour water for snack time using a pitcher and beautiful new glasses.  
In the East class, the cubing chains were added to our bead cabinet.  This work allows for exploration of numeration such as skip counting and early multiplication.  In science, we added a nutrition unit.  We also added sharpening a pencil to our practical life lessons.
In West, students also worked with sharpening a pencil.  On the science shelf, magnetic works were added.  The cube of the trinomial was introduced in sensorial.  This work builds upon the monomial and binomial cube and sets a foundation for mathematical principles of area and volume.  
Please remember to send snow pants, boots, hats, gloves, and a winter coat with your child each day in this beautiful snowy weather!  We go outside most days if it is above 15 degrees.

January 5, 2018

Happy New Year and Welcome back! We hope everyone had a wonderful winter break. The children were each excited to share one thing they enjoyed doing over break! We started 2018 by reviewing our classroom rules and responsibilities. Both classrooms welcomed two new students, twin brothers, James and Owen to our community. James is in the East Classroom and Owen is in the West Classroom. For Art, cutting a snowflake out of a coffee filter was introduced and then hung on our windows for a winter decoration! Positive/Negative Snowman and making a snowman out of chalk was also explored. In Practical Life, we demonstrating how to use a baster to prepare for another water transfer work. West also added Color Box 3 to their Sensorial shelf. 


December 15, 2017

We continued learning about different cultures and customs this week with our study of Christmas.  In practical life, we decorated a Christmas tree and created candy canes with beads.  In sensorial, we used our red rods and knobless cylinders to create a sensorial Christmas tree!  We explored the nativity story as well.  Also this week, early childhood students enjoyed a Hanukka presentation from Nadia's family in the West classroom.

In the East class, students explored the geography shelf by creating maps of where our postcards have come from so far.  It is exciting to name and count all of different cities, states, countries and even continents!  Also in East the students could choose crawling on the movement mat as a new work.

In West, students explored Christmas art projects including creating a wreath and painting a Christmas tree at the easel.  Students also could create paper chains on the art shelf.

Thank you for enjoying our music program with us this week!  We are very proud of all the hard work our students put forth in music class.


December 8, 2017

Happy December! This month we will be learning about different holidays. We started learning about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa this week. For Hanukkah, we discussed what a Menorah was and how to play the dreidel game. The East classroom made the Star of David with the metal insets as well. For Kwanzaa, we learned about the Kinara and weaving a mat. Many books were read about each holiday as well. 

The East classroom introduced a new math unit on Fractions and West introduced greater than, less than, and equal to (The Greedy Duck). East also added the sit and spin to their movement shelf while West added dusting a shelf to Practical Life and spinning tops to the peace corner. 
The Kindergartners all had the opportunity to go to the book fair and make a wish list. On Friday we were all an audience for the older children's music program. Thank you to all our families who came out to Curriculum Night and our McDonald's fundraiser! It was wonderful to see how excited the children were to showcase their favorite works! 
As a reminder, next Friday, December 15 is our Music Program at 9:00 am. Hope to see you there!


December 1, 2017

It was a very busy week in early childhood!  We've added pouring water into our practical life activities.  On our art shelf, we introduced work using our family pictures.  We are adding pictures to creatively decorated paper and will add them all together to create a class book.  In science and culture, East students worked on works from the continent of North America.  Also in East, the new science unit is magnets.  In West, the U.S.A. is being explored as well as a new unit on nutrition.

In the East class, we made homemade play dough!  We took turns measuring ingredients, mixing, and kneading the dough.  We've sent this recipe home in case you'd like to try this.  Also in East, we've added rolling a medicine ball to the movement shelf.

West classroom students explored the sensorial work of the geometric cabinet.  Also, students practiced changing a toilet paper roll.  On the movement shelf, we've added the balance beam to work choices.


November 24, 2017

With our short week this week we focused on preparing for our Thanksgiving feast. The children made pumpkin pudding, rolled their turkey slices, and rolled and backed their crescent rolls. We then met as an Early Childhood Community and both classrooms, together, enjoyed eating the feast and giving thanks. We are so thankful for our students, teachers, and MSBG families. Enjoy the holiday and safe travels!


November 17, 2017

We continue care of oneself as fingernail scrubbing was added by our classroom sinks to reach those extra dirty spots! With our feast approaching next week, children are being introduced to silverware sorting, setting a place at the table, and napkin rolling. All essential practical life skills for sharing in a meal together! Both classrooms are also exploring cornucopias, by filling one with fruit and vegetables, and making one in art. West is also doing turkey art and East is putting feathers to make a turkey. We are also continuing the joy of water work by demonstrating how to squeeze water from a sponge to get ready for water transfer work! You might smell the aroma of apples as both classrooms make applesauce for our Thanksgiving feast. Thank you so much to all the families who have signed up and donated food for our feast and thank you for bringing in all the apples this week! We appreciate it and are thankful we can make this special gathering a success! As a reminder our Holiday Parade is this Saturday and our feast is next Tuesday, November 21 over lunchtime. Children do not need to bring a lunch but will still need drinks and snacks for the day. Morning children are invited to stay and afternoon children are invited to arrive early! Also remember to send in your family pictures if you haven't already! Thank you!


November 10, 2017

We began our week in Early Childhood with our first food preparation in practical life.  Grape plucking lessons were given to children and they learned how to prepare grapes for a delicious snack!  Thank you to the families who donated grapes.  Also in practical life, we added sock rolling and napkin folding.  In math, we've introduced new special units in each room.  In East, greater than/less than, or "greedy duck", lessons were demonstrated.  In West, the students worked with a unit on fractions.  In sensorial, the color box II was put out as well as the binomial cube.  Both of these works allow for discovery of skills such as volume, order, and concentration.

In the East class, students could choose new work on the writing shelf.  Creative writing stories were introduced as well as dictations with pictures.  In West, table scrubbing was introduced.  This large practical life work integrates many of the works we've been practicing and encourages concentration and community building.

Please remember your family photos for the class art project!


November 3, 2017


Happy Halloween and Happy November! This week children pounded golf tees into a large pumpkin. On Halloween, we participated in special activities that included carving a jack-o-lantern, baking and tasting pumpkin seeds, playing a ghost game, and enjoying halloween coloring pages. Thank you to those families who donated pumpkins, napkins, and a sweet treat for our fun day! Both classrooms introduced a new geography and culture unit this week as well. West explored the continent of North America and East is taking a closer look at the United States of America. In Sensorial, East is discovering the difference between rough and smooth while West differentiates between big, medium, and little. Both classrooms ended the week by introducing table scrubbing! A large work that involves many steps to help take care of our environment and build concentration! 

October 27, 2017

Halloween practical life 1-2 activities lined our shelves this week!  Pouring, scooping, and tonging works were explored.  Pumpkin chalk art was added to the art shelf this week, as well as drawing a face on a pumpkin.  Also in art, students could explore white paint with a marble to roll "spiderwebs" onto black paper.

Our kindergarten students attended a fire safety program on Tuesday morning here at school.  Thank you to the BGFD for all of the information to help keep us safe.

Thank you for the pumpkin donations.  We truly appreciate your support for our classroom activities.

Also a sincere thank you for your participation in parent-teacher conferences.  We appreciate your time as we share the wonderful growth of your children with you!


October 20, 2017


This week in Practical Life we explored tray sweeping and tweezing sunflower seeds from beautiful sunflowers! New Sensorial and Science units were also introduced. East is discovering big, medium, and little while West is feeling the difference between rough and smooth. For science, East is looking at geography with the concept of land, air, and water while West is comparing living and non-living. West also introduced the first bell to our bell table and East used paint to make leaves on a tree. In the Peace area, people from around the world were shown. On Thursday, the Kindergarten children went on their very first field trip to the Pumpkin Peddler! They enjoyed a hayride and picked out their own pumpkin to take home! Meanwhile, the younger children had a surprise Pumpkin Hunt at school! They were able to pick a pumpkin to take home and enjoyed a story with a sweet treat afterwards! 


Parent/Teacher Conference times and questionnaire sheets went home. Please return your questionnaire sheet to the classroom teachers next week and we look forward to seeing you at conferences! 

October 13, 2017


In early childhood this week, we introduced cutting strips of paper.  We added the pieces of strips we cut to our community bowl that will later serve for collage work.  In practical life, we added the zipping frame and stringing work.  On the writing shelf, writing on a mirror was a work choice.  In math, we've given lessons on the blue and red numerical rods.  Our grace and courtesy lesson this week was coughing into your elbow.

In the East class, the stretch band was added to the movement shelf.  We also introduced the bell table and one beautiful bell to learn to play.  In the West class, the sit and spin was demonstrated as an exciting movement work.

Both classes concluded our sensorial color unit with sharing colored objects from home!  On Wednesday children brought in red objects, on Thursday yellow, and finally blue to end the week. It was a great visual representation of the colors in our lives.  Thank you for helping your child with this home-school activity!


October 6, 2017


Welcome October! Both classrooms continue studying their science units through the art shelf. East students have been making apple prints and West students have been making leaf rubbings and leaf prints. Friday, the classrooms will switch science units and East will explore leaves and trees while West begins apples! We thank you for all the apple donations we received to help! It is greatly appreciated! We also continued studying colors as the focus has shifted from primary colors to secondary colors (green, purple, and orange). In Practical Life, pounding work was added to the shelf where children explore how to use a hammer. In writing, lessons were given on pin-punching work. This is a fine motor activity that helps strengthen the fingers and hand for handwriting. It also demands a lot of concentration to pin on the line and punch out the shape! The East classroom also showed name tracing. The West classroom begun their community peace activity about positive affirmations. The color is orange and the focus is saying something positive about ourselves starting with something we like about our faces. Children then get to put one scoop of colored sand into a glass jar and over the school year we will add more colors with different positive affirmations!

- Be sure to turn in your conference preference times as they will soon be approaching!


September 29, 2017


Early Childhood began the week with exciting new writing work!  The metal insets were demonstrated with the circle, square, and triangle frames.  The children could choose to do one or more of the insets. This work builds fine motor skills needed for handwriting as well as confidence, order, and control of movement.

In sensorial, the triangle box was introduced.  Also in sensorial, the monomial cube was added to the shelf.  In practical life, floor sweeping lessons were given.

In the East class, the new science and culture unit is apples.  The children could sort, match, and label four types of apples.  We created booklets exploring the parts of an apple as well.  We were also able to have an apple tasting!   In the peace area, sand affirmations were introduced using orange sand, the color for zeal!  We enthusiastically scoop one scoop of sand into a jar as we affirm ourselves.  This week we stated something we like about our faces.

In the West class, leaves and trees unit was introduced.  Work included leave rubbings, parts of a leaf, and shapes and types of leaves.  This unit is cross-curricular with work on the writing shelf, art shelf, as well as science. On the movement shelf, we added rolling the medicine ball on the movement mat. This is work for two friends as they use their muscles to roll the heavy ball.

Both classrooms are enjoying the postcards being sent!  We appreciate you sharing this activity with your family and friends and we can't wait to map more places!

September 22, 2017


The Early Childhood classrooms were busy this week! In Sensorial, we introduced our first special unit; colors. Children also explored the primary colors red, blue, and yellow on the art shelf. The West classroom also brought out the red rods to show long and short as well as the blue contructive triangles.The East classroom added the monomial cube. Cutting clay was also added to begin the use of scissors in the classroom. We added the snapping dressing frame and clipping clothespins to our Practical Life area. The children completed the next step of their peace sticks as they painted them and prepare them for our peace bundle. Pre-writing work was also available as a choice as the pre-writing boards were shown. 

On Thursday, we celebrated the International Day of Peace as a whole school. We met outside around our peace pole, sang a peace song and the Kindergartners were introduced to their peace pal groups for the school year. Take a look on the sidewalks and you'll notice that the children drew images of what is peaceful to them. Each child will also be painting a rock to place around the peace pole as their commitment to show peaceful character. Both classrooms added their peace labyrinth to their peace corner as well. 
Thank you for your donations for our Hurricane Relief project and remember to turn in your love light person!


September 15, 2017


In Early Childhood this week, we collected our peace sticks for the peace corner. Each person collected one and they will be painted and then beautifully bundled together.  This represents how strong we are together as a community.  Alone, one stick can break, but together as a group we are much stronger!

In writing, tracing in lentils was introduced.  Using the sandpaper letters, children could explore the mechanics of pre-writing using this work.  On our movement shelf, we've added hopping from spot to spot.
In the East class, the red rods were shown in sensorial, as well as color box one.  We also gave lessons on the monomial cube. The science and culture unit is living and non-living. We had the opportunity to observe a living thing in our classroom, Ruby!  She eats and breathes so we know she's living.
In the West classroom, the geometric solids were introduced in sensorial.  The children could work with a friend to explore these shapes and play games to learn them.  The science and culture unit this week is land, air and water.  The children were introduced to real land, a jar of air, and a jar of water to explore differences.  Other works in this unit include transportation by each mode as well as sorting and matching works.  
***The Love Light People were sent home today.  Please enjoy this at home activity with your child and send the "person" back into class to be displayed in our peace corners!****


September 8, 2017




This week we introduced many new works in the classroom.  In the peace corner, worry stones were added as a peace activity.  When a child has a worry, he or she can place a beautiful stone into a box as a calming meditation.  In practical life, zipping, twisting, and snapping containers were introduced.  Also in practical life, tonging activities were demonstrated.  These works allow for independence, coordination, confidence, and order to build in the child.

In geography we've added the first puzzle map, the hemisphere map.  On the art shelf, children could choose to create a collage from our paper tearing activity from last week.

Thank you to the families who've signed up to donate items for the classroom pets!  Your support is very much appreciated.


September 1, 2017


It's been a busy first week this week! We have slowly been opening more classroom shelves full of new work! This includes our pre-language shelf lessons of matching, sorting, rhyming, and sequencing. Both classrooms have also had self-correcting number works 1-5 and 1-10. The peace corner was introduced along with the peace rose. The peace rose is a way children can solve conflicts and problems together by taking turns to talk using "I" messages. In Sensorial, we gave lessons on the knobbed/knobless cyclinders, pink cubes, and brown prisms. In art the children learned how to tear paper that we will later use for collage work. Our movement shelf was also shown with walking on a line. Both classrooms have been introducing grace and courtesy lessons as well which include walking around the line, the polite way to interrupt someone, and using quiet voices in the classroom. 

Our guinea pigs are in need of food, hay, and bedding. Look for a sign-up sheet in the hallway if you would like to help donate!
Our school meet and greet was rescheduled for next week! It is now Tuesday, September 56-7:30. Hope to see you there!

August 25, 2017 

Welcome to MSBG!  We are delighted to have each and every family as a part of our early childhood community.  This week we introduced the classroom, including routines and procedures.  This orientation week allows the children to become familiar with our classroom and feel comfortable exploring the new environment.  We thank you for your time and cooperation with this schedule!
This week we were reunited with old friends, and made several new ones!  We met our classroom pets, Ruby, Patches and Yeti; our guinea pigs. They love lettuce, timothy hay, and pellets.  We learned how to observe them and speak quietly to them. 
Puzzles, pegs, and grasping were demonstrated this week.  Also this week we introduced several practical life works including grasping, pouring, and spooning.  Children also learned how to use rugs in our classroom, how to carry a chair safely, and how to wash their hands. These lessons will allow for independence in the classroom.  Finally, we also demonstrated how to eat snack, using play dough, and the safe way to use the playground.
Remember to send in sunscreen and bug spray for your child.  

June 2, 2017


Closing our Community
This week we began closing our classroom community. With this comes the important responsibility of cleaning our cubbies, tables, shelves, and chairs. We also worked on special friendship pins and enjoyed delivering them to friends. 
The kindergartners enjoyed a field trip to Wintergarden park!  Catching tadpoles and observing nature was an extremely exciting way to end the year. A huge thank you to the parents who helped with transportation!
Also this week we made pizza in our classrooms!  The teachers provided the dough, sauce, and cheese and the children took time to make their individual pizza with their choice of toppings. A wonderful exercise in practical life skills!
Other fun activities this week included Lego day and game day. We closed with a special water day celebration!

May 26, 2017


It's hard to believe that we have less than two weeks of school left in the year! We have a lot of upcoming events in the next few days and week ahead.  We wanted to send a quick reminder to help streamline the information:

Friday May 26:  Please bring in something white to tie dye.  Also a flat rock for painting.
Tuesday, May 30:  Pizza Day:  Please bring in toppings you'd like on your pizza
Wednesday:  K's rescheduled field trip, Lego Day-bring in small container of legos
Thursday:  Game day:  Bring in favorite board game
FridayJune 2:  EC Music Program at 9.  Water Day:  Bathing suit, towel, sunscreen
Monday June 5th:  Book Day-bring in your favorite book (rain date for water day)
Wednesday, June 7th:  Last Day of School:  Bring completely disposable lunch for community celebration
In the Early Childhood classrooms, children polished classroom materials, arranged flowers generously donated by Klotz florist, watched the children's opera performance The Velveteen Rabbit, and participated in several outdoor activities, including rock painting and colored ice cube art. Children in the East classroom had the opportunity to scrub chairs in preparation for the end of the school year, as well as use impression pins on the peace rug. Children in the West classroom made bean burritos. 
Please let us know if you have any questions.

May 19, 2017


This week Early Childhood students began the process of making cinnamon bread!  This culminating activity provides the students the opportunity to apply practical life skills learned all year.  Each child participated in creating the bread dough from scratch and preparing it to be baked.  We hope hope you enjoy this yummy work!

In the East classroom, a wonderful thing happened.  We got to experience one of our caterpillars emerging from it's cocoon!  A student noticed the chrysalis moving, so we all gathered to watch this amazing process in real time.  Since then three other butterflies have emerged!
In West, students students began the process of scrubbing the classroom.  Students scrubbed tables as a work in practical life.  Students also created bubbles using grated soap!
The early childhood students also planted in the garden this week!  The students were able to shovel, plant, and water each flower.  Thank you to Miss Mackenzie for donating the beautiful flowers for our garden beds.

May 5, 2017


In early childhood this week, we've busily been preparing special gifts for Mother's day!  The children love putting their love and effort into gifts for their families.  We have been studying animal tracks, amphibians, and frogs in science.  In practical life, the students explored geo boards and parquetry boards.  Mr. Dave helped the kindergarten students from East and West create their own geoboard for each classroom!  This was a wonderful, hands-on lesson using real tools.

Also this week, students used strainers to strain materials.  Another practical life material introduced this week included using locks and keys.  Finally, students learned about using estimation skills with a lesson on the estimation jar. 

April 28, 2017

The East and West classrooms had a wonderful last week of April! In the sensorial area, children had the opportunity to transfer and arrange straight pins into a shaker, an advanced fine motor task that extends prior fine motor work. Children worked on symmetry through butterfly dropper art, and they finished the week with a special Arbor Day Party on Friday. As always, thanks to all the volunteers and donations to make our parties so successful. 

Children in the East classroom made Cheerio bird feeders, practiced lacing work in the practical life area, and added insect work as a new science unit. Children in the West classroom made string bird feeders, added a balance ball to the movement shelf, and introduced a new unit on land and water forms. 


Have a great weekend! 

April 21, 2017



Early childhood celebrated Earth Day this week by planting grass! We learned how to care for plants with soil, sunlight, and water.  The West classroom also created paper using a special screen and learned about the process of recycling.  In East, the children created contact paper Earths using tissue paper and a black frame.  In practical Life, shoe polishing work was demonstrated as well as transferring water using a  dropper.

In the East classroom, landforms were introduced in science and culture.  The children learned about land and water forms such as a straight, bay, island, and penninsula.  Using a water pitcher, the children could add water to visually see how these are formed.  The new sensorial unit this week was pressure cylinders.

In the West class, insects were introduced.  New works included classifying, sorting, and identifying insects. We used this knowledge directly by going on a nature walk on our beautiful school grounds. Also in West, the new sensorial unit included exploring the thermic sense.


April 14, 2017


Thanks to all the grandparents and other visitors for a wonderful week! The children had such fun showing the guests around the classrooms.East and West had an exciting four days. The practical life skill of cucumber slicing began the week in both rooms. Children had the opportunity to paint eggs and go on an egg hunt outside. 
On Thursday, the kindergarten children spent the morning at BGSU’s Life Sciences Building observing (and touching!) various sea life from the marine lab, as well as several reptiles from the herpetology lab. 
The East classroom started their week with a demonstration on baby doll washing, a practical life extension of the earlier work on baby doll swaddling and diapering. Children painted rocks and worked on egg colors throughout the week.
The West classroom reviewed rights and responsibilities and read many poems in appreciation of poetry month. A demonstration on articles and adjectives was started with the older children. 

Enjoy your weekend! 

April 7, 2017


 Pouring work continued in the Early Childhood wing this week!  Students poured water from one glass pitcher to two, concentrating and using their coordination to complete the task.  Also in practical life, students ground egg shells from our egg slicing work.  We will use these in our garden beds this Spring!  Students also continued spreading jam on crackers, a work that incorporates many practical life skills learned this year.

In the East classroom, students created tulip paintings and cupcake liner flowers.  Also on the art shelf, we added paper punching.  In sensorial, students explored the Thermic unit using bottles and tablets.  The children enjoyed placing the tablets on their cheeks to feel the temperature differences.  The children in East also ground coffee beans this week, as well as had a lesson on the snake game in math.

In West, students explored the sensorial unit on pressure using the pressure cylinders.  In art, the children created prints using plastic flowers. The children also created water paintings on rocks.  In practical life, swaddling and diapering baby dolls were available to choose as a work.  The West classroom also celebrated National Poetry Month this week.

**East is in need of pellets for Strawberry, if you'd like to donate please let us know!


March 31, 2017


In the East classroom for practical life, children learned how to swaddle a baby doll and change a baby doll's diaper. They had the opportunity to polish a bunny in preparation for Easter next month. A demonstration was given on spreading jam on a cracker, always a fun work for everyone. Children continued to move their bodies with the sit and spin on the movement shelf. For science and culture, children worked on tonging skills on the continent bead map of North America. The kindergarten children of both East and West went to the bookmobile.

In the West classroom, children worked on the Geo cabinet with the solid cards. The red rods maze was demonstrated sensorially. Here, children use the different lengths of the rods to create a maze before carefully walking through it. Children had the opportunity to grind their own coffee beans. On the movement shelf, the balance board was added, while People Around the World was shown in the peace corner. Children worked on a chalk screen art project, and the kindergarten children finished the chapter book, “My Father’s Dragon.”

March 24, 2017

Happy Spring!

We celebrated the first day of Spring with a special treat in each classroom!  The West classroom made dirt pudding and the East enjoyed gummy worms.  We've added spring cutting work and egg slicing to our practical life shelves.  In sensorial, color box 3 was added and the classrooms explored with dark, medium, and light color shades.  The new science units this week include birds and rocks and minerals.

In the East class, students could choose to work with the table top easel.  This work is as much a listening work as it is art.  With a partner, students talk to each other about what to draw and give directions to one another.  It is interesting to look at the finished pictures!  Also in East, the sit and spin was added to the movement shelf and watercolor paint was available on the art shelf.

In the West class, transferring water using a dropper was added to practical life.  In sensorial, students could match bell sounds at the bell table.  The sit and tilt saucer was introduced in movement.  Also, the West class also introduced the table top easel this week.

March 17, 2017


The East and West Classrooms got things started on Monday with a demonstration on pouring water from one container to another. This work builds concentration, independence, coordination, and small muscle control, along with estimation with respect to how much liquid should be poured into each container to make them equal (or more or less).


In the East Classroom, children sifted shamrock coins and painted shamrocks in observation of St. Patrick’s Day. A demonstration was given on how to water plants and use a flashlight, including the insertion and removal of batteries in the flashlight. East also began a new science and culture unit on rocks & minerals. Here, children had the opportunity to identify and match various rocks, minerals, and fossils to each other and to written labels. Children learned where they may find certain types of rocks in the world.


In the West Classroom, children blended colors using chalk and worked with finger paint. A demonstration was given on the continent bead map, a small wooden map of the United States where children use tongs to add beads to fill the country. The estimation jar was added to the math shelf, which helps children make a numerical prediction using their observational skills, rather than touching and counting the items themselves. West also began a new science and culture unit on birds. Here, children had the opportunity to observe and draw bird features, explore a feather with a magnifying glass, match birds of the United States, and learn about state birds.

March 3, 2017


February 24, 2017


We hope you all enjoyed President’s Day weekend with your children. The warm, sunny weather was certainly a pleasant surprise!


At school, the children in East began a new science and culture unit on seasons and the calendar. Children explored days, months, weeks, and different kinds of weather. They introduced the mystery number where the children have the opportunity to count a secret number of items and record their data on a sheet of paper to be read by one of the teachers each week. East added the orange stepper to the movement shelf, while transferring water, polishing brass, and using the garlic press were added to the practical life area.


The West began a new science and culture unit on nutrition.The students had the opportunity to choose many works in this unit, including sorting nutritious and non-nutritious foods, completing food puzzles, matching, and sorting pictures of foods. They demonstrated how to grate a cinnamon stick, polish wood, and use a baster in the practical life area. For movement, they added a sit and spin device, while a new set of bells were introduced to assist the child in the discrimination of sound. These bells will later be used to match sounds from Middle C to High C. 


The kindergarten children had a chance to spend an hour in one of the lower elementary classrooms in preparation for next year. This "Moving Up Day" was quite successful by all accounts!

February 17, 2017

This week the early childhood classrooms have been busy exploring Valentine's Day!  We painted hearts at the easel and created valentines for friends. Thank you to the wonderful parent volunteers who helped the children create bird feeders for our playground. This will turn into a wonderful spring project.

Also this week, students explored cutting work. We also introduced new sensorial work including the small hexagon box.

Thank you for your time during conferences. We are so grateful to share your child's progress with you.

February 10, 2017


The early childhood classrooms had a wonderful first full week of February. The kindergarten children started things off with a Jump Rope for Heart assembly on Monday. This is a fundraiser for the American Heart Association and a way to teach about cardiovascular health. The K’s also had peace pals later in the week.

Both the East and West classrooms invited children to decorate Valentine's bags in preparation for Valentine’s Day next Tuesday. They showed how to open and pull apart string cheese, as well as transfer water from one dish to another 

The East began a new science and culture unit this on nutrition.  The students had the opportunity to choose many works in this unit, including sorting nutritious and non-nutritious foods, completing food puzzles, matching, and sorting pictures of foods.  The East classroom also brought out the geometric cabinet and color box 3. They demonstrated writing numerals and how to use wiki sticks letters. 

The west classroom, while continuing on their unit on time, began a new science and culture unit on seasons and the calendar. Children explored days, months, weeks, and different kinds of weather. Children in the West classroom also had the opportunity to polish a mirror and work on grooming as part of their practical life skills. The West classroom would like to introduce their new Guinea pig, Yeti, who joins Patches for a dynamic mammalian duo! Please stop by the classroom to say hello.

Please remember that on Tuesday we will be celebration Valentine’s Day in the early childhood classrooms. If your child would like to participate, they should write their names on a card – 26 for the East classroom and 24 for the West classroom. It is not necessary for them to address the cards to anyone.


February 3, 2017

We celebrated our 100th day of school this week!  On Thursday, students brought in 100 items of their choosing.  We were so interested in observing what everyone brought!  The children took turns going out into the hallway with a teacher to count out their 100 items.  Some children chose to count by fives, tens, or ones all the way to 100!   Thank you for all of your help with this fun celebration. 
Also this week in early childhood, the students began working with water in the classroom.  Our first practical life activity is introducing squeezing water from a sponge.  Also in practical life, students could choose to work with screwdrivers in the East classroom, and nuts and bolts in West.  Both classroom explored art activities such as creating  Japanese fish and painting a snowflake at the easel.
In the East classroom, a new math unit with addition work was introduced.  New work included adding numbers together, exploring a calculator, and new step board work.  In sensorial, children could explore the bells using the bell scale and also color box three was introduced.
In West, the new math unit, time, was demonstrated.  Children could explore a large clock examining the hour hand and minute hand, as well as match numerals to the times on clocks.  On the movement shelf, yoga cards were introduced to use with the movement mat.  Peace activities demonstrated this week included the finger labryinth and the rain stick.
***Please check out sign up sheets outside of the classroom doors.  If you are able to help-we would truly appreciate it!


January 27,2017


We had a wonderful week in the Early Childhood classrooms! The East classroom began a unit on Asia.  Work included the exploration of Asian animals, matching textiles and clothing from several Asian countries, and tracing and pin punching a map of Asia. In addition, the East classroom added baric tablets to their sensorial shelf, which help children compare different weights. The memory game was introduced in the math area, the metal insets with lines was added to the writing shelf, and the stepper was brought out in the movement area.

The West classroom added work related to smelling to the sensorial shelf. Children used their sense of smell to match various scents together, along with matching them to their corresponding pictures. Stemming from the simple machines unit, nuts and bolts were added to the practical life area. A one-person trampoline was introduced to the movement area, while on the art shelf, painting a snowflake and making a snowman was brought out for the children to explore.


Both classrooms introduced dry pouring from a funnel in the sensorial area. In preparation for Chinese new year, all the children from East and West had the opportunity to build a Chinese lantern. They also decorated a dragon mask and tail, then went on a parade around the school!

January 20, 2017

We hope you had a wonderful long weekend!  The children were very excited to be back in the classroom.  East began their week with a new math unit, measurement.  New works included using scale, measuring in inches, and also using "feet" to explore with.  Also in East, a new Science unit was introduced.  Simple machines such as a lever, gear, and pulley system were explored.  In practical life, the children could choose to work with nuts and bolts.

In West, a new Money math unit was demonstrated.  Children could explore the values of real coins and gain experience with this concept.  In Science, the ocean unit was introduced.  New works included matching sea animals, exploring the oceans of the world, and creating ocean scenes with felt pieces.  The West classroom also has a new Geography unit on North America.

Also in Early Childhood this week, the students are preparing for a celebration of the Chinese New Year.  We have created dragon masks and will be working on dragon tails next week to use in a special parade!

**We will be celebrating the 100th day of school in early February!  More information to come soon.

January 13, 2017


 Welcome back!  We are so excited to see everyone again and begin a fresh new month of school. It was delightful hearing all the stories from our two weeks off. With the holiday and new year, we’d like to offer reminders of a few things: 

*Please check the bin on top of your child’s cubby for weather-appropriate change of clothes.

*Please remember to label all your child’s winter items.

*Sign your child in and out daily, either on the sheet outside the classroom doors, or on the ones in the before and after care room.

*We will go outside when the temperature is above 15 degrees with wind chill. 

The East classroom began a new math unit on money. Children are learning the names of coins, how much they are worth, different ways to make one dollar, and exploring our currency. They began a new science unit on oceans. Children explored and learned about different sea animals and sea shells. Children in the East classroom also had the opportunity to slice bananas and eat what was sliced, polish a mirror, and explore a light table. 

The West classroom began a unit on simple machines. Children learned what simple machines are, how they work, and the names of different kinds of machines, as well as paint with a giant pendulum. The Westclassroom started a math unit on measurement. Children learned about balance, weight, length in inches and feet, and were able to go around the classroom measuring different objects. The East classroom also demonstrated chalkboards, banana slicing, and cutting snowflakes with a coffee filter. 

Both classrooms were treated to a wonderful demonstration called the High Five Program on germs and hand washing, with related literature appearing in your child’s cubby. Please let us know if you have any questions.

December 16, 2016


With this being the last full week before winter break, the children were busy rehearsing for the music performance on Friday. We hope you enjoy the finished product! Thanks to Miss Angela for all her hard work putting this together.

In the East and West classrooms, Christmas work was introduced early in the week. The children had the opportunity to assemble a tree out of red rods and knobless cylinders and also use a nativity. They decorated a miniature Christmas tree with ornaments and other decorations. The children had the opportunity to work on the practical life skill of wrapping gifts when they wrapped wooded blocks. In addition, Christmas tree marble painting was added to the art area, as was making paper chains and making bead candy canes.

Please remember that MSBG has school on Monday and Tuesday of next week. We will be on winter break from Wednesday, 12/21 throughTuesday, 1/3. We will reopen again on Wednesday, 1/4.

Enjoy your weekend! 

December 9, 2016


First, a warm thank you to everyone who attended curriculum night!  We had wonderful attendance and the children were so excited to share their work with their families.  We are so grateful for each of you!

We began exploring the December holidays this week.  The children could choose to put candles in a Hannukah Menorah, as well as play the Dreidel game with a friend.  A beautifully detailed Menorah puzzle was also added to our work.  In the East classroom, an art exploration included stamping a Star of David.  Also in East, a new peace activity was added to the shelf, the singing bowl.  Additionally, a new science unit on the human body was demonstrated on Friday.

In West, the Kindergarten students explored with magnetic slime!  This creative experience enhanced the new science unit on magnets.  The East Kindergarteners will be exploring this next week!   Also in West this week, snow pants and glove work was added to the practical life shelf.

Both classrooms also demonstrated work related to Kwanza.  Students could weave colorful paper strips into a mat as well as complete Kinara art.

Our music program is on Friday, December 16th at 9:00.  We hope to see you all there!

December 2, 2016


Our week started off wonderfully with a Chinese Flute demonstration by Hongda Chin, Ms. Angela’s friend at music class. Mr. Chin brought in a Chinese bamboo flute, a Chinese egg flute, among others. He used the instruments in a game, which the children loved!

In the West classroom, the large hexagon box was introduced. These triangles when assembled make an equilateral triangle, rhombus, parallelogram, and hexagon in preparation for geometry. Added to the sensorial shelf was work focused on touch, including fabric matching and a mystery bag containing several objects of varying tactile senses.

A new science unit was introduced focusing on the human body. The children had the opportunity to observe x-rays on a light table, construct a large skeleton make up of x-ray slides, and use a stethoscope to examine each other’s heart beats. Other new works for the week include tracking through a make, the quiet rug, the geocabinet, and using a damper with a bell.

In the East classroom, the triangle box was introduced in the sensorial area. These triangles when assembled with other triangles aid in the preparation for geometry. Along with this, demonstrations were given on sound/no sound and the sound cylinders, which focus on refining the child's auditory sense. 

A new science unit was introduced focusing on magnets. The children had the opportunity to find items in the room that attract, while exploring several exciting works related to magnets. A peace rug, dressing frames, a putting on gloves and snow pants were also demonstrated. 

Have a great weekend! 


November 22, 2016


We continued preparing for our feast this week!  On Monday we prepared turkey by rolling slices the same way we roll rugs in the classroom.  We also prepared pumpkin pudding!  On Tuesday, we rolled and baked crescent rolls.  We enjoyed executing all of the practical life skills involved in preparing the food.

Also on Tuesday, the kindergarten students from both classrooms worked together to decorate and set up for the feast.  They helped set the tables by working to prepare place settings.  They also used our cornucopia and turkey decorations from our practical life shelf to create a beautiful setting for our special community celebration.

Thank you to all of the families who donated items for our feast.  We couldn't have done this without you.  We are very grateful for you all.  Happy Thanksgiving!  

November 18, 2016


The children of early childhood a fun-filled week, with many of the demonstrations focused on preparing for Thanksgiving. Both the East and West classrooms introduced cornucopia work including adding fruits and vegetables to a cornucopia, as well as cornucopia paintings. The main group project was making applesauce where each child had the opportunity to peel and cut up apples into smaller pieces before mixing them up into a yummy sauce!

The East classroom introduced turkey feathers and turkey art for the children to explore. They matched and rolled socks, practiced napkin rolling, and worked on flag art.

The West classroom introduced sound cylinders, silverware sorting, placement setting, and corn cob art. The children had the opportunity to work on creative writing booklets and “Feed the Pig” (adding pennies to a pig jar).

On Wednesday the kindergarten children were treated to a wonderful fire safety program put on by the City of Bowling Green Fire Division. On Thursday the kindergarten children discussed friendly greetings at Peace Pals.

Please remember the MSBG will be closed next Wednesday through Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy your weekend!

November 11, 2016


We introduced a new area in the classrooms this week, the geography shelf!  In the East classroom, our unit explored the continent of North America.  Works included the domesticated and wild animals of the United States, exploring landmarks, and matching work.  On the writing shelf, children could trace the outline of the continent and then use a pin punch to punch out the shape.  We also added the United States map to our map stand.  Also in the East class we conducted our own voting on Election Day!  We voted for an art project, and between a flag and a star, the flag won 17-5!

In the West classroom, the continent of Asia was introduced!  Work included exploring the animals of Asia as well as different cultures.  Matching textiles and clothing of some of the countries was also a choice.  On the art shelf, students could create a fish representing Japan.   Also a large yellow shape of Asia was used as a mat for working with the animals, and this corresponds with our colored continent globe.  Students could also choose to complete  tracing and pin punching with Asia, or also complete writing work with the countries of Asia.

In Sensorial this week, the East classroom explored textures through games, puzzles, and mystery bags.  The West Classroom introduced movement work using the balance beam.  The classrooms also switched math units, East working with The Greedy Duck and West working with fractions.

This week both classrooms demonstrated new work in practical life.  Sorting silverware and preparing a place setting were works demonstrated.  In West students sliced fruit, practiced rolling socks, and learned how to fold towels.  

November 4, 2016


The children of Early Childhood began their week with a demonstration on pumpkin carving. The children voted on the shape of pumpkin eyes, mouth, and nose, and everyone had the opportunity to scoop out the seeds and pulp. 

The Bead Cabinet was opened in the math area of each room. The squaring chains - a beautiful, colorful work that is first explored and later leading into skip counting and multiplication - were shown sensorially. In addition, the 2nd color box was added to each classroom's sensorial shelf.

In the East Classroom, a new special math unit on fractions was introduced. Children identified one whole, half, third, and fourth. Children in East were also introduced to velcro fruit, the stretchy band on the movement shelf, and numerical rods - a concrete representation of 1-10.

In the West Classroom, a new special math unit on equality and inequality (greater than, less than, and equal to) called Greedy Duck was introduced. Also added was the binomial cube and sound/no sound. The kindergartners had the opportunity to create codes for an Ozobot, a tiny robot that moves according to code drawn by markers.

Enjoy your weekend!

October 28, 2016


Pumpkin works of all kinds were available in early childhood this week!  The children in the East and West classrooms explored pounding tees into pumpkins.  Also, drawing faces on a large pumpkin was a choice. In practical life, tray sweeping was introduced using a small broom and tiny insects!

In the East classroom, students could sift objects out of beans using a slotted spoon.  It was interesting to discover what was hidden!  On the writing shelf, new work included writing on a mirror.  Additionally this week, we introduced the bell table.  Striking a bell was demonstrated. This beautiful work is delicate and engaging for the students' hand-eye coordination as well as their auditory sense.

In the West classroom, the stretch band was added to the movement shelf.  In art, the students could create a pumpkin face using a stencil and orange paint.  Creating  a spider web was also demonstrated using  a marble and white paint inside of a box.  The students could carefully tip the box to watch the marble roll across the black paper, creating a "web".

Both classrooms' kindergarten students enjoyed their trip to the pumpkin patch!  We appreciate all of our parent volunteers that helped with transportation.  While the older children enjoyed the pumpkin patch, the younger students enjoyed a pumpkin hunt here at school.  A special thank you to the Gleaners for making this experience possible!

Thank you for attending conferences.  It is wonderful to have time to discuss your child's progress in depth.  Have a wonderful weekend! 


October 21, 2016


The Early Childhood classrooms had their Fall Harvest party on Tuesday morning. The children had the opportunity to create and bring home two different crafts and later enjoyed fall-inspired treats brought in by parents. Thanks to all who donated their time.

The West and East classrooms introduced new practical life work focusing on transferring from one container to two. This helps children with focus, concentration, and fine motor skills.

In the West classroom, a new science and culture unit on transportation was introduced this week. Examples of transportation work include matching, choosing the appropriate mode for the environment, stamping, and exploration.  The West classroom also worked on pounding and the numerical rods.

The East classroom began a science and culture unit on the solar system. This work includes naming the planets, matching work, and interesting books about space.  Additionally, the East classroom introduced stringing, coloring a face on a pumpkin, spider rolling, and stenciling a pumpkin face.

October 14, 2016


The Early Childhood classrooms began their week with food preparation work.  Grape plucking was available on the practical life shelf.  It is a wonderful fine motor exercise as well as a life skill for preparing food.

In the East classroom, cutting paper with scissors was introduced on the pre-writing shelf.  In sensorial, the red rods were demonstrated.  Our new science and culture unit this week was transportation.  Children could choose transportation work such as matching, choosing the appropriate mode for the environment, and exploration.  Also in sensorial, the cube of the trinomial was introduced.

In the West classroom, new practical life work included changing a toilet paper roll and stringing.  In sensorial, the cube of the trinomial was introduced. This unique, hands-on material is a direct preparation for exploring and understanding mathematics.  The new science and culture unit this week was the solar system.  This work included naming the planets, matching work, and interesting books about space.  On the writing shelf, a beautiful mirror was added for writing on a mirror.

To close this week, the Early Childhood students participated in our first Peace Pal groups.  These groups are multi-age K-8 grade students who work together to learn about the world around them.  This year our topic is positivity. 

October 7, 2016


With October here, the Early Childhood classrooms began new fall science units for the children to explore! In the East classroom, children explored parts of a leaf, parts of a tree, and identified different kinds of leaves. The West classroom started a unit on apples where children learned about several kinds of apples, including parts of an apple and how apples grow.  

Many other new works were demonstrated throughout the week. The East classroom brought out pin punching work, which helps develop children’s concentration, coordination, and pincer grip in preparation for writing. In the sensorial area, big and small items were added, which allow the child to work on comparisons of size. The medicine ball was added to the movement shelf, while floor sweeping was added to the practical life area. 

In the West classroom, blue constructive triangles and red rods were added to the sensorial shelves. The constructive triangles help children learn how to slide shapes together to construct new shapes and designs. The red rods help the children experience the idea of ten in preparation for higher level math concepts. Children in the West classroom also had the opportunity to work on name tracings and cutting strips.

We had a great time with the sharing bag this week. Looking forward to next week!

September 30, 2016


This week brought new fall adventures and new science and culture units.  In the East classroom, the Apple unit was introduced.  The children could match and label varieties of apples, as well as label the parts of an apple.  On the art shelf, new apple printing could be explored with painting, as well as using colored doppers to decorate an apple.  Also in East this week, the children explored rough and smooth textures on the sensorial shelves.  We also added chalkboards to our writing shelves.  We also painted our peace sticks we collected last week, and we will be placing these as a beautiful stick bundle in our classroom's peace corner.

In the West classroom,  the leaves and trees science unit was introduced.  Students could use interesting puzzles to explore the parts of a tree, as well various activities to explore leaves.  Tree stamp art was also added to our art shelf.   Also this week, we added big and little sensorial work to our shelves as well as the knobless cylinders.  Additionally, the peace rose was added to our peace corner.  This is used as a tool to solve problems peacefully in the classroom.  On the movement shelf, the children could choose the medicine ball. On Wednesday children in the West classroom found a large, bright-green caterpillar under the tree in the playground area. The 6th year children, because they are studying "Insect Island", were brought in to identify and research the insect, now known to be a polyphemus moth. Within hours the caterpillar began assembling its cocoon. Looking forward to the next stage!

Thank you to all of our families who've donated items for our new units.  Your help is greatly appreciated! 

September 23, 2016


We had a busy week in the Early Childhood Classrooms. Along with Wednesday’s International Day of Peace celebration, where we gathered for an assembly in the school before going on a peaceful walk outside, we added hopping from spot to spot in the movement shelf. The East classroom also added hopping to circles in this area. Both of these activities strengthen gross motor functioning and coordination.

The West classroom began a new science unit on living/nonliving things, highlighted by a surprise visit from Edwina, lower north’s pet turtle. The children enjoyed learning new vocabulary words associated with living things, such as respire and sensitivity, especially while observing Edwina’s behaviors. The West classroom also brought out worry stones, collage work, and the snapping frame.

In honor of Peace Day, the East classroom collected peace sticks outside and added them to the peace corner in the classroom. In addition to this, the West classroom began a new science unit on land, air, and water. The children had the opportunity to observe and sort items belonging to each of these scientific themes. Also added were clipping clothespins, the monomial cube, and the metal insets.

Enjoy a peaceful weekend!


September 16, 2016



In the early childhood classrooms this week, we introduced our first Science and Culture units.  In the East classroom, living and non-living was introduced.  The children could sort and classify objects as well as explore living and non-living things.  In the West classroom, Land, Air and Water works were introduced.  There are many interesting works exploring attributes of this topic.  The classrooms will switch units next week so that each child can explore the new units.

In the East classroom, the map stand was opened and children could explore the hemisphere map and control.  The seven continents were also introduced with a unique song during demonstration.  Also, new collage work was added to the art shelf using the paper the children tore from last week.  The geometric solids were also added to the sensorial shelves as well as color box one.

In the West classroom, students could choose from new work on the writing shelves.  Cutting clay and pre-writing boards were demonstrated.  Another new work included tracing the frame of a metal inset.  The children were introduced to the square, circular, and triangular metal inset.  In PracticalLlife, clipping was introduced.  In Sensorial, the monomial cube was introduced.  The kindergarteners also experienced a color mixing activity this week.

We ended our week in early childhood with new pre-writing work, tracing in lentils.  Using a beautiful wooden box, the children could choose to draw and trace letters in lentils and quickly move the box to erase them.  This work is hands-on, interesting, and a great way to strengthen muscles used for writing.


September 9, 2016


We hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend! This week a unit on colors was introduced on the Sensorial shelf. Children matched primary red, blue, and yellow through our color box 1 while having the opportunity to explore many additional color works later in the week. The brown prisms were also added to the Sensorial shelf this week. These help increase visual perception and muscular feel of differences of size.

Added to the Practical Life area was tonging. Children were able to move objects from one container to another, further developing fine motor skills that lay the basis for the pincer grip used in writing. The children also worked on twisting, snapping, and zipping various items as well.

The east classroom added a friendship tree, worry stones, tearing paper, and a community bowl, while the west classroom gathered and painted peace sticks and practiced walking on a line in the Movement area.

Also this week, the kindergarteners began using new creative writing journals after lunch.  This new work will allow for more writing experiences as well as a time for them to relax and refresh. 

September 2, 2016


Our first full week in the classroom was very busy and full of interesting new works.  We began by reviewing everyone's name with a fun song and practicing the safe way to walk in the classroom.  The students enjoyed playing the freeze game to practice freezing for a teacher's message.  Also this week, we opened the sensorial shelves in our classrooms.  The children could choose the knobbed or knobless cylinders as well as the pink tower or brown prisms.  These beautiful materials allow children to explore various thicknesses, heights, and sizes as well as build concentration.

In language, we introduced the pre-language shelf. Work included matching, sorting, as well as making associations

In practical life, the students could choose from pouring, grasping, or spooning.  These works build confidence as well as coordination.  Additionally, they are wonderful for strengthening the muscles needed for writing.

Another area introduced was the movement shelf.  The children could choose a movement work, walking on the line, and complete this engaging work anywhere in the classroom.  Our grace and courtesy lessons included the polite way to interrupt, as well as using an inside voice.

Also this week, the kindergarteners began using new creative writing journals after lunch.  This new work will allow for more writing experiences as well as a time for them to relax and refresh.


August 26, 2016


Welcome new and returning families? Thank you for having your children prepared for their transition back to school. We have enjoyed seeing their smiling faces as they explored the classroom this week. 

The children worked on classroom routines and became familiar with the materials. We are working towards become a classroom community as we learn each others names and how to work together as a group. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Meet & Greet next week. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or concerns. 

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